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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Features Two Premier Fantasy Defenses

When it comes to fantasy football, most people focus on the quarterbacks and running backs that are the so-called franchise players of your team. But as we do our deliberating, analyzing, examining and picking of the NFL spread for Super Bowl XLV, fantasy players might take notice that the big game will feature two of the premier fantasy defenses from the 2010-11 season.

As they say, defense wins championships and this year’s Super Bowl champ will definitely be led by a stellar unit.

For starters, these two defense were ranked first and second in scoring defense in the NFL. The Steelers allowed just 14.5 points per game while the Packers allowed a mere half-point more at 15 points per game. From week to week – in fantasy or reality – these were the two most reliable units in the sense that you knew you could start them and you probably weren’t going to see a negative number next to their scoring total.

As far as sacks are concerned, once again, both of these teams ranked first and second in the NFL. The Steelers led the NFL with 48 sacks while the Packers finished up 47. In leagues where defense was tag-teamed with special teams, which admittedly is most of them, these two teams still ranked top 10. Combined, they had just one special teams return for a touchdown, which was notched by the Steelers back in Week 2.

But when it comes to defensive touchdowns, that’s another story. The Packers finished with four defensive touchdowns, which was the third-most in the NFL. The Steelers were just one behind as they totaled three.

As Super Bowl XLV approaches, most of the focus is on the two quarterbacks in Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers – and the two offenses – but clearly, we are going to see two premier units on the field on Sunday, February 6th.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Packers, Bears, Jets and Steelers - The 2010 NFL Playoffs has been Upset after Upset

Just a few weeks ago everyone was knocking the NFL playoff system after allowing a team with a losing record to enter the playoffs. To make it worse, that team got home field advantage.....what a joke! The Seattle Seahawks, all fired up, came out and put a C.O.W.A. stamp (Can of Whoop A$$) on the New Orleans Saints. Did anyone see that coming? Vegas did!

So now, what are your superbowl predictions? I originally picked the Cowboys and the Patriots....and I was obviously drunk when I made that prediction. But, these upsets just keep coming and coming week after week. If you're a betting man, wow, this is the best time of the year! There's nothing that makes these games more fun to watch. Who picked the Patriots -9.5 last night?
Just when you thought the charades were over, the New York Jets, mouths wide open and everything, put a beat down on the New England Patriots on the Pats' home turf. Ouch!  What a game though! I'm a Giants fan myself and while I'll never switch sides, I love being in the middle of the action when a New York team is in the playoffs. The passion and desperation Jets fans have for producing a winner is unmatched. No team has been crapped on more in their home town (well, maybe the Mets) than the Jets so its fun to watch people go nuts. On Friday, you can tune into the Fan and get people saying,"I don't know. I just don't think the Jets can do it this weekend. Bla bla bla".  Now today, Monday, it's, "I knew the Jets could do it! They we're destined to win!"  Man, I love New York!

Baseball hot stove, college basketball, mid season NBA, NFL playoffs..... it's a great time to be a sports fan! Enjoy it while you can! With four teams left, my prediction for Superbowl.....

Packers 27  vs. Steelers 24

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Week 8 Fantasy Football Advice

Check out the Fantasy Man's Week 8 Fantasy Football Decisions at Draftopia! I threw in two sleepers of the week for you and some analysis on the biggest question marks of the week!  Good luck!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Fantasy Football Week 6 Advice

It's week 6 everyone!!! YAY! I posted my advice for this week over at Draftopia, check it out! I lost out on Jonathan Stewart last week on being a big sleeper but I think I got a good one this week! I even threw in a sell high candidate! So check out The Fantasy Man's Week 6 Fantasy Football Advice article over at Draftopia! It's free.  Good luck this week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Week 5 Fantasy Football Advice

The Fantasy Man's Week 5 Fantasy Football advice article can be found over at the new fantasy sports paradise called Draftopia. Last week in this very spot I predicted Terrell Owens as the Sleeper of the Week and he blasted off with 200+ yards and a TD! This week, my Sleeper of the Week looks like it's going to be Jonathan Stewart. I love picking these guys that everyone in the world gets down on, you start dropping these guys and BAM!!... they have a big week, happens all the time. This week it's going to be Stewart! For more on that and more advice for Week 5 head over to Drafttopia. Don't worry, it's free. I just don't feel like typing the same article twice. Good luck this week.

The Fantasy Man

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Week 4 Fantasy Football Hits

I haven't quite made an official announcement yet but I have focused much of my fantasy football attention over to a new fantasy sports site called Drafttopia. Drafttopia wants to be your fantasy sports paradise. Drafttopia plans to create a dynamically new fantasy sports platform designed for YOU, the fantasy football player, manager, fan, etc. Still in it's early stages, Drafttopia has already signed some knowledgeable people in the industry to offer you the best advice and help you win your leagues.  Click on the site and click a sport and you'll see articles written on a daily basis for most sports. The Fantasy Man is currently one of two fantasy football writers on Drafttopia and word on the street is that The Fantasy man will head up the Fantasy Baseball portion next spring!

This week, I offered my weekly fantasy football advice over at Drafttopia. You can find my Fantasy Football Week 4 Decisions there. There's a good chance that's where my weekly article will end up before Sunday's games but I'll make sure a post a blurb here too!

For some quick decisions not posted in that article for the few of you Fantasy Football Express fans....
- Start Louis Murphy andZach Miller - Houston Pass D is last in the league
- Start Darren McFadden (See the Drafttopia article on McFadden)
- Bench Mike Tolbert - Unless you want to vulture a TD or two and have a FLEX spot open
- Bench Jonathan Stewart - I can't take it anymore
- Bench Joe Flacco - This is risky but Flacco has been far from stellar and Steeler D will make him throw
- Start Carson Palmer - I love the "Carson Palmer stinks talk", watch him blow up this week!
- Mike Sims-Walker - See Carson Palmer!
- Need a Defense? Why not pick up the Seahawks (great against the run) or the Lions (picking up sacks and interceptions)
- Bench both Mike Williams'. I'm tired of looking at these guys on my teams.
- Bench Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower... too much of a headache.
- I'm actually benching Ray Rice this week in a league aganst the Steelers
- I'm starting Rashard Mendenhall against the Ravens after Peyton Hillis lit them up
- Sleeper of the week: Terrell Owens whom everyone dropped this week!

Good Luck!
The Fantaay Man

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Fantasy Football Week 2 Questions

Fantasy football advice for week 2 is here! Not to many tough questions this week since we have somewhat of an idea as to how some players "should" perform. Below are some of the questions I've been dealing with in my 7 leagues....

Check out as YOUR Fantasy Sports paradise!

Matt Forte - I actually have a team where I drafted Arian Foster, Matt Forte and Darren McFadden along with my first round RB. Uggh, decisions, decisions. The big plus for Forte is that the Cowboys are terrible against pass catching RB's and since the Bears are a pass first offense, you have to like this matchup. I also think the cowboys will win which means the Bears are playing from behind with Forte as the #1 pass option.

Darren McFadden - Great week the first week but the only reason he's a mention is because Michael Bush is still out and the Raiders are home against the Rams. You can look to McFadden to have a similar week as last week while catching a few passes and maybe a TD. I think he's a better play over a guy like Jamaal Charles or even Beanie Wells with a full load of touches plus some receiving opportunities for you PPR hounds. McFadden still needs to prove himself and this is a game where he has to show he's capable and not a one week wonder. I like it.

Jamaal Charles - Yes, the Chiefs are in Cleveland but no, I still don't like Charles as any more than a desperate flex play. It's clear that Charles is a more dynamic back over Thomas Jones but Charles only had 11 carries last week for 92 yards and a TD. However, the TD run was a 56 yarder. Take that out and Charles was only so-so. Does anyone think Charles is going to get 20+ carries this week? I don't. Throw in T-Jones at the goalline and a does of Dexter McCluster and your going to miss out on fantasy points with someone on your bench. I like Charles only if you don't have a better option. Also, it's not like you can sleep on Cleveland either. So there's no guarantee that the Chiefs will be winning and running the entire game.

Beanie Wells - Still nursing the bruised knee and is still inactive. Leave on the bench.

Randy Moss - Will be covered by the Jets' Darrelle Revis. That's all I need to say. I am taking a risk and benching Moss in 3 different leagues. I need points! Period. Even id Moss grabs 40 yards and a TD that's a solid 10 points but getting the 6 TD points is just too risky against a stout Jets defense and the best cornerback in the game. It's just not a good play. However, those of you who like to play emotion, maybe you get a nice game out of Moss who is looking for that contract extension. If he wants that exstension, he's got to perform! I'm still benching him this week. It's ballsy, but I need to give my teams a greater chance to win.

Mike Thomas - I guarantee he's most likely on your waiver wire. Thomas is speedy and scrappy but he's Jacksonville's version of Wes Welker. We love Wes Welker types. Big sleeper who gets return/kickoff yardage.

Danny Amendola - See Mike Thomas. Another sleeper who led the Rams in catches last week.

Steve Breaston - Larry Fitzgerald is questionable and Early Doucet is out which means there should be a heavy dose of Steve Breaston this week. If you have room to activate Breaston, go for it.

Percy Harvin - Looks like he will play this week even with the hip injury this week. Brett Farve will be passing heavy this week so Harvin makes for a decent 3rd WR or Flex play.

Big Game Alert - This week the big game alert will go to Malcolm Floyd. Jacksonville blows against the pass and Floyd had a down game last week. Runner up goes to Steve Breaston.

Bust of the Week - Randy Moss, which sucks because I have him on 3 of 7 teams! Darrelle Revis is to ridiculous to justify trusting Moss this week.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Week 1 Fantasy Football Decisions

Fantasy Football advice is finally here!!!  Anyone make a few bucks betting on College Football yesterday? I'm going to try to whip out a quick post like this on saturday nights or sunday mornings depending on my work schedule to get you my thoughts on some of fantasy football's toughest decisions. Deciding on who to activate or bench can be tricky and can be the deciding factor in winning or losing a week in head 2 head leagues. Below is a list of thoughts on what I'm deciding between.  I have about 6 serious fantasy football teams this year so between all of them, you might be looking at the same problems as me. In the end, I'm merely a suggestion box. Don't come crying to me when you start Jamaal Charles this  after all his preseason hype and he goes poo-poo style all over your statbox. So let's start there....

- Jamaal Charles - He's probably a solid play in PPR leagues with Dexter McCluster likely OUT for today as he'll have to pick up some of the receptions/carries that would have gone to McCluster. However, Thomas Jones is still in the mix and will probably grab the goal line carries. It's still unclear how they will use these two overall. So week one is kind of a test. After this week, I think we'll see more Charles and less Thomas, but this week is certainly a risk. I have a team that starts 2 RB and a flex and I have Stephen Jackson, Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, and Arian Foster. I'm sitting Charles with Matt Forte healthy and looking good plus he's up against Detroit. Hard to pass that up. So I'm benching Charles' risk for Forte's upside. If my plan blows up, so be it.  If you have a star RB and you have a Forte, Tim Hightower, or Foster on the bench, they are the safer plays over Charles playing against weak defenses. San Diego is a solid defense so I thinking it will be a tough week for Charles.

- Beanie Wells - Enough already!  Just bench the guy!  Tim Hightower is your guy this week against the St. Louis Rams. If he comes out and gets 8 carries and scores a TD then whatever. If you handcuffed Wells with Hightower in the draft, use Hightower this week and bench Wells.

- Michael Bush/Darren McFadden - I'm passing on both RB's this week. I had McFadden as a sleeper on just about every team I own but he's on the bench on every one of those teams.  Bush has the thumb injury, it looks like he'll play but is he really going to be that effective?  Tennessee's defense is the deciding factor for me. I think McFadden will have the bigger day of the two but how big? Who knows.

- Braylon Edwards - In shallow leagues like 8 or 10 team leagues where you use 3 WR's, I'm passing on Edwards for a Jabar Gaffney, Mike Thomas or Mike Williams in TB. Edwards is in a contract year but there's no question that the Jets will run first, Sanantonio Holmes will be #1 when he gets back and this week they play the Ravens who are solid against the pass.  Gaffney will be part of a pass first offense in Denver this week as the #1 over Eddie Royal, Mike Thomas is #2 and only one of a very few viable offensive options in Jacksonville (and returns punts/kicks if you count that), and Mike Williams is the only other viable WR in Tampa Bay other than TE Kellen Winslow. So all three make nice plays this week.

- Kyle Orton - At QB, a guy like Orton jumps out because the RB corp is suspect while Jabar Gaffney and all his preseason hype seems on the rise. If your desperate for a QB and don't want to rely on a Matt Stafford or Sam Bradford as your #2, Kyle Orton makes sense here.

My fantasy football philosophy this year is ..... "If it gives you a headache, just bench 'em!"
My favorite quote of the week... "If you have to think about it, it probably is!" - Mike The Situation

The Fantasy Man

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Fantasy Man -'s MIC WARS Fantasy Football Draft Analysis

Just finished a fantasy football draft on Yahoo! for 's Mic Wars Fantasy Football Expert League which consisted of some fantastic fantasy football podcasts hosts. Thanks to Dave Gawron of Roto Community for the invite.

10 team league, 1 point PPR, 4 points Pass TD, everything else normal, 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1WR/RB/TE, 1K, 1DEF, 6BN.

This league is obviously Wide Receiver heavy, so getting top WR talent is necessary, but, if you know where the cracks are, you can find light.  Of course, I open up the draft room and I have the first pick!!! Great, now by the time my 2nd/3rd picks come, all of the good WR's are gone! Gotta love the game!

R1 - Adrian Peterson - I love doing the opposite of what the magazines promote!
R2 - DeSean Jackson - All th eno brainers are gone, slight risk with new QB but super explosive.
R3 - Peyton Manning - I know, I know, QB is deep.... I just couldn't resist. Like I always say, I like to get the best at a position!
R4 - Steve Smith (NYG) - I hope I got the NYG Smith and not the other. PPR league so he made sense.
R5 - Antonio Gates - Best at the position, just missed Dallas Clark by a pick or two.
R6 - Mike Wallace - The guy will be a beast this year!
R7 - Reggie Bush - He's the fantasy football version of Rickie Weeks and its 2010, stock down and I like surprises.
R8 - T.J. Houshmandzadeh - A little risky, if Seattle moves him, could be a steal!
R9 - Ricky Williams - Who knows with this guy. It's bench player time anyway.
R10 - LaDanian Tomlinson - I think He'll surprise early and be better than expected, good value here.
R11 - Darren McFadden - Great for PPR, great preseason, Should start the first few games.
R12 - Ben Roethlisberger - Can't get a better back up then him.
R13 - Julian Edelman - Another Wes Welker type? PPR baby!
R14 - Heath Miller - Solid TE backup.
R15 - Nate Kaeding - Top Kicker in my opinion... I like to have the best and didn't have to stretch.
R16 - Batimore DST - I had the last pick and still landed Baltimore, I'll take it!

So that's it. Anyone see any holes? Probably could have picked a stronger WR earlier, maybe instead of Manning and then waited on a QB but I couldn't resist. You can wait until the later rounds and grab a Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco or Jay Cutler and be fine or you can go this route and draft some value WR later like Houzamadaddy, Wallace and Edelman for example. Overall, I actually like it but we'll see what happens. Thoughts?

The Fantasy Man
Fantasy Football Express

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fantasy Man: Stuck with the 8th Pick in the Draft?

As if the fantasy gods are beside me every year routing for me to lose, I can't help but notice that I seem to land the 7th, 8th or 9th pick every freakin' year in just about every draft. Never fails. Last night, I participated in a $100 money league with yup, you guessed it, the 8th pick in the draft. This is a PPR league so strategy changes a bit. I am splitting this team with a friend so it's good that we can bounce ideas off each other which ended up being the inspiration of this post.  This post is more about deciding what to do with an 8th pick in a PPR league specifically.

It's no secret that the talent drops off dramatically in the first round at running back once Frank Gore, Stephen Jackson, and Michael Turner are gone because after that every running back you look at either has a huge question mark, is unproven, or is stuck in a platoon role. So what do you do?

We had the 8th pick, it's PPR and we new in advance that Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice, and Frank Gore were definitely going to be picked first leaving us to choose from Michael Turner, Stephen Jackson or Andre Johnson. Here's the problem with each....
Turner - He doesn't catch passes but he'll score more TD's
Jackson - Catches passes but how many more TD's than 4 will he score this year?
Johnson - There's more solid upside receivers later on than there are full-time running backs.

Next, we was between Jackson or Turner, but who would be the best option in our league. Using the average of typical fantasy projections from various sites, here's a summary of our thoughts...
- Turner in a better offense, should have more running opportunities with team playing ahead.
- Jackson quite the opposite as the Rams offense looks to be slightly better than last year but overall, not great so they'll probably play from behind a lot.
- Jackson will be the main focus in the offense, so he'll get a majority of the opportunities. On the flip side, defenses will forcus more on stopping him.
- A new quarterback will depend on Jackson for depenability and will look more his way in short passing situations which will help rack up more than the expected amount of catches.

When you break down the projected numbers assuming 6 points for TD's, 1 point, 1 point for catches and 1 point per 10 yards for running and receiveing, the numbers look like this.....
- Turner doesn't catch passes but will score about 15 TDs (90 points) on 1500 (150 pts) yards and lets say he catches 5 passes (5 pts). That puts Turner at about 245 total fantasy points give or take a few.
- Jackson does it all on a bad team. Assuming the Rams are slightly better than last year and given that S-Jax runs for about 1400 yards (140 pts) and 300 (30 pts) yards receiving with say 40 (40 pts) catches and 10 TD total (60 pts) that gives us about 270 points total.

So there you have it. If the average projection is right, Stephen Jackson will prove more valuable. Plus, we decided that in a PPR, the extra catches Jackson gets will outweigh Turners TD production. Of course, Turner can come out and score 20 TD's and we'll look like idiots. But at the same time, Stephen Jackson can stay healthy and rack up 1800 yards and 10 + total TD's! So Stephen Jackson was our target with the 8th pick.

As it turned out, it went Johnson, Peterson, Rice, MJD, Gore, Johnson, Turner and then we took Jackson... so our mind was made up for us anyway. In a PPR league, if you're going to go RB with that first pick, you really want a guy who's going to catch passes. Plain and simple. If you steer clear of the the non-catcher and the platoon guys, you'll be better off overall. Good luck in your draft!

The Fantasy Man
Fantasy Football Express