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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Week 4 Fantasy Football Hits

I haven't quite made an official announcement yet but I have focused much of my fantasy football attention over to a new fantasy sports site called Drafttopia. Drafttopia wants to be your fantasy sports paradise. Drafttopia plans to create a dynamically new fantasy sports platform designed for YOU, the fantasy football player, manager, fan, etc. Still in it's early stages, Drafttopia has already signed some knowledgeable people in the industry to offer you the best advice and help you win your leagues.  Click on the site and click a sport and you'll see articles written on a daily basis for most sports. The Fantasy Man is currently one of two fantasy football writers on Drafttopia and word on the street is that The Fantasy man will head up the Fantasy Baseball portion next spring!

This week, I offered my weekly fantasy football advice over at Drafttopia. You can find my Fantasy Football Week 4 Decisions there. There's a good chance that's where my weekly article will end up before Sunday's games but I'll make sure a post a blurb here too!

For some quick decisions not posted in that article for the few of you Fantasy Football Express fans....
- Start Louis Murphy andZach Miller - Houston Pass D is last in the league
- Start Darren McFadden (See the Drafttopia article on McFadden)
- Bench Mike Tolbert - Unless you want to vulture a TD or two and have a FLEX spot open
- Bench Jonathan Stewart - I can't take it anymore
- Bench Joe Flacco - This is risky but Flacco has been far from stellar and Steeler D will make him throw
- Start Carson Palmer - I love the "Carson Palmer stinks talk", watch him blow up this week!
- Mike Sims-Walker - See Carson Palmer!
- Need a Defense? Why not pick up the Seahawks (great against the run) or the Lions (picking up sacks and interceptions)
- Bench both Mike Williams'. I'm tired of looking at these guys on my teams.
- Bench Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower... too much of a headache.
- I'm actually benching Ray Rice this week in a league aganst the Steelers
- I'm starting Rashard Mendenhall against the Ravens after Peyton Hillis lit them up
- Sleeper of the week: Terrell Owens whom everyone dropped this week!

Good Luck!
The Fantaay Man

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