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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Week 1 Fantasy Football Decisions

Fantasy Football advice is finally here!!!  Anyone make a few bucks betting on College Football yesterday? I'm going to try to whip out a quick post like this on saturday nights or sunday mornings depending on my work schedule to get you my thoughts on some of fantasy football's toughest decisions. Deciding on who to activate or bench can be tricky and can be the deciding factor in winning or losing a week in head 2 head leagues. Below is a list of thoughts on what I'm deciding between.  I have about 6 serious fantasy football teams this year so between all of them, you might be looking at the same problems as me. In the end, I'm merely a suggestion box. Don't come crying to me when you start Jamaal Charles this  after all his preseason hype and he goes poo-poo style all over your statbox. So let's start there....

- Jamaal Charles - He's probably a solid play in PPR leagues with Dexter McCluster likely OUT for today as he'll have to pick up some of the receptions/carries that would have gone to McCluster. However, Thomas Jones is still in the mix and will probably grab the goal line carries. It's still unclear how they will use these two overall. So week one is kind of a test. After this week, I think we'll see more Charles and less Thomas, but this week is certainly a risk. I have a team that starts 2 RB and a flex and I have Stephen Jackson, Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, and Arian Foster. I'm sitting Charles with Matt Forte healthy and looking good plus he's up against Detroit. Hard to pass that up. So I'm benching Charles' risk for Forte's upside. If my plan blows up, so be it.  If you have a star RB and you have a Forte, Tim Hightower, or Foster on the bench, they are the safer plays over Charles playing against weak defenses. San Diego is a solid defense so I thinking it will be a tough week for Charles.

- Beanie Wells - Enough already!  Just bench the guy!  Tim Hightower is your guy this week against the St. Louis Rams. If he comes out and gets 8 carries and scores a TD then whatever. If you handcuffed Wells with Hightower in the draft, use Hightower this week and bench Wells.

- Michael Bush/Darren McFadden - I'm passing on both RB's this week. I had McFadden as a sleeper on just about every team I own but he's on the bench on every one of those teams.  Bush has the thumb injury, it looks like he'll play but is he really going to be that effective?  Tennessee's defense is the deciding factor for me. I think McFadden will have the bigger day of the two but how big? Who knows.

- Braylon Edwards - In shallow leagues like 8 or 10 team leagues where you use 3 WR's, I'm passing on Edwards for a Jabar Gaffney, Mike Thomas or Mike Williams in TB. Edwards is in a contract year but there's no question that the Jets will run first, Sanantonio Holmes will be #1 when he gets back and this week they play the Ravens who are solid against the pass.  Gaffney will be part of a pass first offense in Denver this week as the #1 over Eddie Royal, Mike Thomas is #2 and only one of a very few viable offensive options in Jacksonville (and returns punts/kicks if you count that), and Mike Williams is the only other viable WR in Tampa Bay other than TE Kellen Winslow. So all three make nice plays this week.

- Kyle Orton - At QB, a guy like Orton jumps out because the RB corp is suspect while Jabar Gaffney and all his preseason hype seems on the rise. If your desperate for a QB and don't want to rely on a Matt Stafford or Sam Bradford as your #2, Kyle Orton makes sense here.

My fantasy football philosophy this year is ..... "If it gives you a headache, just bench 'em!"
My favorite quote of the week... "If you have to think about it, it probably is!" - Mike The Situation

The Fantasy Man

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