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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Fantasy Man - First Fantasy Football Draft of the Year!

I know I've been late to the party this year as far as producing some fantasy football content but I finally got around to drafting my first team. It's a private league, 10 team, non-PPR, with a $25 entry fee, so we have something to play for.

We drafted at which is actually a first for me. I'll be honest, the draft software wasn't bad. I know they did a new design and such and it was solid. If there was one thing I would have like to see is that there be more options when editing rankings for the autodraft. For example, I'd like to see an option where I can rank my players but also rank what positions to draft at each pick. I don't like getting stuck on autodraft with seven tight ends picked because thats all I had in my queue. Other than that, I liked the software. It was simple and has the basics without there being too much flash.

Anyway, on to the draft. It was 10 teams, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF and 6 bench spots. Pretty basic. QB's get 4 points for TD's and 1/25 but with -2 for Interceptions, WR's get 6 points and 1/10, and RB's get 6 points and 1/10. I had the 3rd pick so I figured I'd be happy with either Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson or Maurice Jones-Drew and I landed MJD. Here's how it played out...

1. Maurice Jones-Drew RB
2. Randy Moss WR
3. DeAngelo Williams RB
4. Beanie Wells RB/FLEX
5. Percy Harvin WR
6. Vernon Davis TE
7. Jay Cutler QB
8. Joe Flacco QB
9. Justin Forsett RB
10. Malcolm Floyd WR
11. Heath Miller TE
12. San Francisco 49ers DEF
13. Ryan Longwell K
14. San Diego Chargers DEF
15. Dez Bryant WR

So obviously it's a pretty shallow league. I was banking on the fact that QB's only get 4 points for touchdowns so I wanted to be strong at RB/WR/FLEX knowing I could get solid QB's later. When I chose Jay Cutler, I couldn't decide if I wanted Cutler, Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan.  Problem was, they all had bye's week 8. So I grabbed Cutler and then Flacco as insurance. I figure by week 8, I'll trade either one and pick up a fill-in like Chad Henne for that week.

My big thing this year in the beginning of a draft is to grab running backs who have the full-time job. I don't want to mess with a platoon situation and I don't want to pick Jamaal Charles in the 2nd round pretending he's going to be insane because he's not, at least in the beginning, as Thomas Jones is going to take away plenty of carries for example. So If I was going to pick a 2nd round RB, I wanted someone I could count on full-time. That didn't happen so I was torn between Randy Moss and DeAngelo Williams. Anytime you have a chance to grab the best at the position, you do it, so I grabbed Moss. When the snake pick came back shortly, Williams was still there. I was deciding on Reggie Wayne and Williams but I thought I could get some solid WR value picks later on so I went strong on DeAngelo. Beanie Wells and Pecy Harvin were my upside picks. I liked Wells as he was one of the few left with top notch upside and I like Percy Harvin considering Sydney Rice will be out for a while, so Harvin will easily be #1 in Minnesota. Keeping the momentum the same, I wanted a top TE and I think I did well with Davis and his upside, I mentioned the QB situation, and then I stole Justin Forsett in the 9th. That's the value pick right there and my personal steal of the draft. I drafted Forsett on the bench but I'm thinking once someone falters I can sub this guy in fairly easily.

Malcolm Floyd and Dez Bryant are high upside bench picks and probably the first to go if they don't perform and I need to make moves. I got a top defense in San Francisco and another top defense in San Diegio along with the top kicker in the league in Ryan Longwell. I went with San Diego because first, I like to have that strong bye week fill-in, second because the waiver wire is still full of useful players, and third I like to use a top defense in that trade offer with that extra QB I have for a top player later on. That kind of deal never fails it seems. Other managers looking for an opportunity to strengthen their QB and DEF can do this at the same time and it's tough to pass up when your in the playoff hunt.

Overall, I'm happy with this team. I won't say it's the best but the upside is there for it to be the best. I don't feel I reached to much except for the kicker and defenses but at that point, I already had a solid set of starters and bench. As with all upside type teams, this one could be a disaster as well. Randy Moss contract year, DeAngelo Williams somewhat disappointing last year, Beanie Wells on the rise, Justin Forsett value pick, and Jay Cutler with a Mike Martz offense can make this team insane. Jay Cutler throwing 30 interceptions, Beanie Wells breaking down, Randy Moss getting emotional and DeAngelo Williams accepting mediocrity could make me start praying for fantasy baseball a lot sooner!

The Fantasy Man

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