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Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers Rankings

2010 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers Rankings


1. Andre Johnson - Arguably the best WR but he hasn't been a TD machine, maybe that changes this year
2. Randy Moss - Brady/Moss should outperform last season
3. Reggie Wayne - Reliable, durable, consistent
4. Larry Fitzgerald - Warner gone, Boldin gone, Leinart in, young RB's, who are defenses going to focus on?
5. Calvin Johnson - Stafford with a year under his belt means CJ could have his best year yet, TD machine
6. Miles Austin - Big break out last year and Dez Bryant can help or hurt him
7. Roddy White - Ryan/White with another year of experience and Turner to refocus defenses
8. Brandon Marshall - PPR monster
9. DeSean Jackson - Super big play ability but is Kolb for real?
10. Sidney Rice - Farve back, huge physical WR, up and coming
11. Marques Colston - Many option in New Orleans keep him from being a superstar but still a top target
12. Anquan Boldin - Let the Flacco-Boldin connection begin but he's an injury risk
13. Greg Jennings - Has big play ability but Rodgers has too many other options
14. Steve Smith (NYG) - Catches a ton of passes and has big play ability
15. Steve Smith (CAR) - Might want to see what happens with the QB situation
16. Wes Welker - Preseason says he's back baby!!!
17. Chad Ochocinco - I think he'll still be the go-to guy in Cincy
18. Pierre Garcon - Has size and speed and will be #2 next to Wayne
19. Vincent Jackson - Out for a few games but should have a great second half, stash away
20. Mike Wallace - *SLEEPER ALERT* Not much to say, just watch this guy take off even w/o Ben
21. Mike Sims-Walker - Wore down in the 2nd half, Garrard not a TD thrower but MSW has #1 talent
22. Michael Crabtree - Lacks speed and but should catch a lot of balls and make plays
23. Dwayne Bowe - Has the talent, the size, the speed but he's a pain in the a$$ with coaching staff
24. Hakeem Nicks - Nice size/speed, could be Eli's Plaxico
25. Percy Harvin - This guy can be amazing if Farve can keep his head on straight
26. Dez Bryant - Tabbed as "the next Randy Moss".... whatever, he's still young enough to have the upside
27. Terrell Owens - Has to share with Ochocinco and Antonio Bryant, maybe one last harrah...who knows
28. Hines Ward - Was great last season but Big Ben out half the season
29. Donald Driver - He's aging but I bet he still has a bit left in the tank
30. Santana Moss - One name..... Donovan McNabb! Moss is the older slower version of DeSean Jackson
31. Mike Thomas - Caught 77% of passes thrown to him last season *SLEEPER ALERT*
32. Malcolm Floyd - 6'5" monster, red zone threat with VJ out of the mix for a while, *SLEEPER ALERT*
33. Jeremy Maclin - "You don't know what you have until it's gone"
34. Jabar Gaffney - Looks to be #1 in Denver right now, no one looking at this guy *SLEEPER ALERT*
35. Antonio Bryant - Has upside, sharing ball with 85 & T.O, I bet he emerges as a #2 over one of the stars
36. T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Two disappointing years
37. Steve Breaston - Becomes #2 with Boldin gone but will Leinart be able to connect
38. Devin Aromashodu - Caught 22 passes  for 282 yards and 4 TD's final 4 games, *SLEEPER ALERT*
39. Johnny Knox - Speedy and bigger than Hester
40. Devin Hester - Aromashodu seems to have more upside but who will Cutler like more?

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