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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Fantasy Football Running Backs Rankings

2010 Fantasy Football Running Backs Rankings


1. Adrian Peterson - Better team, more consistency, durable, will catch passes, you can't go wrong here
2. Chris Johnson - Who doesn't like this guy? But, if you think he's going to repeat what he did last season, your going to hurt your fantasy team. Expect a great year, but don't expect Johnson to become the greatest RB whose ever played, which is what everyone is making this guy out to be
3. Maurice Jones-Drew - It's too bad his team stinks but two upside WR's could help relieve some pressure and give MJD is best year yet
4. Frank Gore - He's a yardage freak and I think SF offense will be surprisingly better, slight injury risk
5. Michael Turner - I like Turner over Rice in non-PPR for the TD's and yards, complete runner but doesn't catch passes
6. Ray Rice - He's all over the place, simple as that but I'd rather go with Turner for consistency, in PPR Rice is king though
7. Stephen Jackson - I know, should probably be lower because of his team and injury risk but he can be insane if the Rams can just figure out the basics on offense
8. Rashard Mendenhall - Looks like he'll be a 300+ carry guy since Big Ben will misses a few games
9. Cedric Benson - Last of the true full-time RB's that you can count on...on paper
10. DeAngelo Williams - Dynamic runner, will rack up yards but lose TD's to Stewart
11. Ryan Grant - He's as solid and durible as they come but usually starts off slow
12. Knowhon Moreno - Solid down the stretch last year, will be the main guy in 2010 with upside
13. Ryan Matthews - The first hype machine of 2010, everybody "loves" this guy which is funny since no one has seen him play in the NFL yet, don't get too caught up just yet, this is where you can kill your draft
14. Shonn Greene - The second hype machine of 2010, could be a beast but has LT to share with
15. Beanie Wells - The third RB hype machine of 2010, but will get plenty of opportunities to run with Leinart still learning
16. Jonathan Stewart - All in all, Stewart is more versatile of the two and will get more TD opps
17. Ahmad Bradshaw - He's healthy, looks great in preseason, will be out there more to keep Jacobs healthy, best year coming up
18. Jamaal Charles - If it wasn't for Thomas Jones, he'd be top 10, can't rank much higher if he's sharing the backfield
19. Justin Forsett - Should be the full-time runner and grow on last years success
20. Brandon Jacobs - 3rd down back, TD machine in 2010
21. LeSean McCoy - No solid back up, Kolb risky and may have to rely on the run so full-time opps will be there
22. Joseph Addai - Brittle, but catches passes and will get plenty of opportunities
23. Clinton Portis - Should get most of the opps in WAS but Shanny will keep him fresh i.e. Larry Johnson
24. Marion Barber - A bruiser who must share time but will probably lead the three in TD's
25. Felix Jones - The one in Dallas with the most potential
26. Ronnie Brown - If healthy could continue where he left off last year before he got hurt
27. Jerome Harrison - Not many options in Cleveland and he was solid last season
28. Matt Forte - Probably somewhere between 2008 and 2009 but Cutler is too pass happy
29. Michael Bush - Should be the starter in the beginning, big, breaks tackles *SLEEPER ALERT*
30. Reggie Bush - Does it all, catches, runs, amazes but isn't offenses main focus and is injury prone
31. LaDainian Tomlinson - I bet he produces more then your expecting... you read too many mags
32. Tim Hightower - Last year everyone said he's lose his job, and he was great all year, will catch passes while Wells runs
33. Arian Foster - Looks like a starter so far this preseason *SLEEPER ALERT*
34. Donald Brown - Value is down because of poor rookie season, Addai is brittle so he should provide some surprising value
35. Chester Taylor - He's a catch machine, nice for PPR
36. Thomas Jones - Will split with Charles but will work more than expected
37. Jahvid Best - Rookie who should get plenty of opportunities to play in Detroit
38. Willis McGahee - TD machine if he can stay healthy
39. Cadillac Williams - Should be the "Earth" to Wards "Wind"
40. Fred Taylor - Could be a strong starter but will probably fade down the stretch
41. Ricky Williams - He's older, but doesn't have the mileage since he missed a few years, fresh legs
42. Tashard Choice - One of three backs who could break out but won't be the main focus
43. Fred Jackson - Could rack up yardage and catches but TD's will be low
44. Darren Sproles - Change of pace back for Matthews
45. Derrick Ward - Dynamic runner if TB offense can get their act together
46. Laurence Maroney - If Fred Taylor bites the dust, he'll take over and be decent
47. Steve Slaton - Neck injury last year but lost some weight this year to get speed back, risky
48. Darren McFadden - Super low value for a playmaker who underperformed but will start behind Bush, could be a second half sleeper
49. Larry Johnson - Mike Shanahan loves RB's so you might catch lightning in a bottle with LJ
50. C.J. Spiller - Must compete for yardage with Fred Jackson since neither will get many TD opportunities

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