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Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks Rankings

2010 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks Rankings


1. Drew Brees - He's the sure thing, tons of weapons, durable as they come
2. Peyton Manning - Same as Brees, coin flip here for me as I like the durability and consistency
3. Tom Brady - Down year last year maybe because of injury means upside for this year
4. Aaron Rodgers - He's great and all but let's tone down the hype a bit
5. Tony Romo - Durable with a great offense
6. Philip Rivers - I wouldn't be surprised if this guy breaks the top 5 this year
7. Matt Schaub - Always hurt but spreads the ball around when healthy
8. Joe Flacco - Big sleeper pick in just about every mag/website but now has Anquan Boldin
9. Jay Cutler - He's an interception machine even in the Mike Martz offense, no star receivers
10. Brett Farve - He has weapons, he's durable, he's 60 something and still better than half these scrubs
11. Matt Ryan - Extreme upside, Michael Turner takes a lot of focus off the rest of the offense
12. Carson Palmer - Is this guy healthy? Used to be highly touted, two aging superstar receivers
13. Eli Manning - He looked pretty bloody the other day so I don't know....
14. Donovan McNabb - I bet you he comes out of the gate strong
15. Kevin Kolb - I'm thinking the Matt Cassel of last year
16. Chad Henne - Another one of the hype machines where the mags/sites are setting you up for disaster
17. Ben Roethlisberger - He'll miss 6 games and be out of shape, good if he's your week 10 replacement
18. Mark Sanchez - Has some upside and a wealth of capable receivers
19. Vince Young - Turned the page late last year, he's either boom or bust in 2010
20. Matthew Stafford - The Lions still suck so don't go crazy just yet other than your #2
21. Matt Leinart - All saying he's going to hand off all year, I say he's had plenty of time to learn, sleeper
22. Matt Hasselbeck - boring, no upside pick
23. Matt Cassel - Could be a nice low value pick as a #2
24. David Garrard - Too inconsistent but has MJD and two capable WR's in Thomas and Sims-Walker
25. Alex Smith - Just when you think the ship has sailed, this guy could break out, the Rickie Weeks of 2010
26. Sam Bradford - You never know with rookies

I'm not even going to waste your time trying to get to 30....

The Fantasy Man

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