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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Fantasy Man's Fantasy World Week 11 Contest Strategies??

So we're just over the halfway point of the NFL season and this new games has been one of the best fantasy games I've ever played. What makes it great is all the prizes and different chances they give you to win! Fantasy World is now registering for the Week 11 contest which now gives you about a day and a half left to register and get your team. Make sure you join The Fantasy Man's Fight Club too!

Alright, so maybe your new to this game or you've been playing all season and now it's time to come up with a decent strategy. Since this is a survivor pool type of game, you have to get picky with the player you trot out there each week to avoid elimination. In the beginning of the season, the theme was to save your best players for later in the season. If you're playing in the new Week 11 contest, I'd say it would be smart to play with the best available players.

The bye weeks are done, so that means everyone is available. Since there is only 7 games left, realistically, a great strategy would be to use the best 7 players at each position just mixing them up depending on matchups. There's only 7 games left so why save players. What happens if you save a player until say week 15 and that player gets rested for the playoffs? Exactly. You lose. So the simple strategy is to pick the best possible players depending on matchups.

Now let me throw in the curveball. The players you use score points as well and that's how Fantasy World determines standings. So make sure you're giving yourself the best chance to win and climb up the standings. Use those top players who play weak defenses. Use the top QB each week that plays a bottom 5 pass defense. Use a top 5 RB who plays a bottom 5 run defense, etc.

Want to win this Fantasy World Week 11 contest? This is the best way to do it. So simple it's right in front of your face! Remember to join The Fantasy Man's Fight Club!

So hurry up and sign up for Week 11! Pick a smart team and good luck!
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