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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Fantasy Man's Week 3 Fantasy World Fantasy Guide

It looks like it was a pretty tough week for fantasy guru's at . Positions were dropping like flys as the day progressed on Sunday. How about those people who picked Randy Moss in this great survivor pool game, or the guy who listened to me and picked the Redskins to slash the Rams? Tough week! It's a new week though and there are a ton of opportunities to gain more points and get yourself back into the running at least for that $10,000. If you are still in the running for the million, good luck!

Last week we talked about some basic strategies as well as my personal Fantasy Man strategy. To remind you, I am looking to pick lower ranked players (outside of the top 20 at each position) who either will fade down the stretch or who have yet to fully prove themselves. I'm looking at players who aren't the obvious but have a great chance to cover the numbers we need. Then, in the middle to later weeks I will start to fuse in the superstuds with solid matchups. I'm still sticking with it despite having to use a few flags this week. Below is what I am thinking by position.

One player that jumps off the page at me is Aaron Rodgers because he gets to throw against St. Louis. Now, for any of you who chose Santana Moss last week knows the Rams were actually able to post soild defensive numbers to keep the Redskins from advancing in this game. Problem there is that Washington's Jason Campbell is not throwing the ball well. I do not feel that Rodgers will have the same problem. He's on his way to being an elite QB and I am also looking at the fact that Greg Jennings, the Packers best WR, has so far been a non-factor. I think that changes this week as Rodgers finds a way to hook up with Jennings. Matt Schaub has a great matchup this week against Jacksonville who made Kurt Warner look like the 2007 Tom Brady. Philip Rivers against Miami is a solid matchup as well. Rivers was solid against Baltimore who is one of the league's best defenses and since Miami is better against the run, there's a good chance Rivers will air it out. There's not many lower ranked players here I trust for a week so I am sticking with solid plays here all the way through.

The Fantasy Man's Recommends: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Schaub, Philip Rivers

Running Backs
I'm lovin' Brandon Jacobs this week against Tampa Bay. Their run defenses has holes (See Fred Jackson last week) and Jacobs is oozing with big game potential. I'm not saying this because I'm a Giants fan but it looks like the Redskins and Cowboys really honed in on Jacobs the last two weeks. And, let's be honest, are any of you guys worried about Jacobs getting a TD? No, it's the 60+ yards that's been tough. I think that changes this week. I like Fred Jackson this week because it's potentially his last week to carry the load with Marshawn Lynch eligible to come back in week 4. Jackson has been a superstud these past two weeks and I just have a hunch he wants to do his best to keep these carries coming. Plus, it's an opportunity to use a player for your RB slot that ranked no where near the top 20 when the season started making him extremely valuable this week for this game. Felix Jones is another guy like Jackson who ranked low in drafts but could be usable this week if Marion Barber is out. ESPN says Barber is 50/50. If Barber is out and Jones starts, he's almost guaranteed to drop 60+ and a TD, he's too explosive not too. One other player that fits this mold is Darren Sproles. Same situation, ranked low, and LaDanian Tomlinson probably out make Sproles against Miami a solid pick too. These last 3 players I mentioned fit The Fantasy Man strategy to a tee.
The Fantasy Man Recommends: Brandon Jacobs, Fred Jackson, Felix Jones(If Barber out), Darren Sproles(If LT out)

Wide Receivers
It's ridiculous how much these guys change week to week. You have to expect Randy Moss to have a big game at some point soon but I might wait on him until Tom Brady figures it all out. Greg Jennings makes sense to me since I feel that Aaron Rodgers should have a big game and since Donald Driver was the WR of choice last week, I think Jennings is still the real go-to guy. So I don't see Driver having the game, I see Jennings having the game this week. No statistical proof, just a hunch to be honest. Matt Schaub against Jacksonville makes Andre Johnson a solid pick to have another decent game and you have to like what Vincent Jackson has done the last 2 weeks. Can he score a TD in 3 consecutive weeks? That's the question with V-Jax. The 60 yards will be there but will he get the TD? And lastly, while everyone is loving New York's Mario Manningham, don't get caught up in the hype. Manningham is a nice option heading into week 3 but it's New York's Steve Smith who is really Eli Manning's go-to WR making Smith a less riskier pick than Manningham and a player who fits The Fantasy Man Strategy.

The Fantasy Man Recommends: Greg Jennings, Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith

Tight Ends
It's hard not to like the Jets' Dustin Keller as Mark Sanchez' go-to guy in the end zone. We all know young QB's need a quality TE to dump the ball off too and Sanchez-Keller fit that mold. Kellen Winslow looks like a TD hog and with Antonio Bryant hurt, it's tough to pass on Winslow despite the Bucs playing the Giants. Chris Cooley against Detroit makes sense as it seems that Cooley is the best receiving option in Washington at this point. Choose wisely though, there's not to many solid options going week to week and usually, there's a TE or two that emerge later in the season. This is a position where you are probably going to need to look at the best match ups and the higher ranked TE's early.

The Fantasy Man Recommends: Kellen Winslow, Dustin Keller, Chris Cooley

Green Bay
at St. Louis - Green Bay can easily score the 24+ points.

Cleveland at Baltimore - Baltimore defense great, Cleveland stinks all-around
Miami at San Diego - Chargers can win and score 24+ points

Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Denver all make sense. The sneaky pick of the week would be Denver who has been super solid defensively the past two weeks.

Flag Strategy
I'm willing to bet there are many of you who needed more than 3 flags this week. If you are in that position, I'd make sure I use them on my main player positions like QB, RB, WR, and TE as these are the easiest to predict. Trying to predict a team finish with 24+ points or a defense to hold a team to under 19 points is too tough over a full season. Use your flags on the positions you can more easily predict. If you have to decide between QB, RB, WR and TE, it's TE that will be the toughest to predict later in the season because there is a much smaller list of solid players then the other positions. WR has the most available talent, then RB and QB in my opinion. So use your flags wisely. Think ahead.

Good luck in week 3!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Fantasy Man's Survivor Pool Week 2 Fantasy Guide

Want to win that $1,000,000 and have all 6 of your player slots make it through to week 3?? Then follow Team Fantasy Man. My name is Mike Kuchera and I got the goods baby!

Less than 24 hours away to Sunday's first Week 2 kick off and there's so much to talk about when your trying to win $1,000,000! Let's first make sure you join my "Fight Club", its Team Fantasy Man. Anyway, there's so many good options this week and so many different strategies to try out it's mind boggling! Let me just throw some ideas out there for you guys to ponder. I don't think anyone can say exactly the best way to attack this game since its the first season. Many fantasy "experts" are going to tell you they have the goods, but let's be honest, this is simply a game of predictions. You have to predict yards and touchdowns and get lucky. That's tough, but with a little guidance and most importantly, common sense, we can make this work. We'll look at the positions, some common sense overall strategies, and player recommedations below. Follow me...

I personally feel like we have to attack this league like a normal football survivor pool. By that, I mean it might be in your best interest to choose the players who are not necessarily the best in the early weeks as to save those players for when you really need them, as in weeks 12-15. There is some risk there as playoff teams might decide to hold back their stars, leaving some star players unusable late in the season, so keep that in the back of your mind.

I am looking at players who are hot now, but have a great chance to fade late in the season. Then using my superstars in the middle games where matchups are favorable, and take that risk later where up and comers will probably have a better chance at helping you be successful late. That will be The Fantasy Man strategy going forward. Obviously we know who the superstars are but this is a strategy that is going to work best with Running Backs at this point in the season. More on RB's in a bit. Let's look at the positions first.

The Quarterback position doesn't have many teams with young players waiting in the wings, so you can take the QB position week by week with favorable matchups. One guy I'd like to get out there early and out of the way is Brett Farve. The Vikings play the Lions this week and despite the game being in Detroit, I have a hard time believing that Brett Farve won't throw a TD and 200 yards. The other guy I like this week is Matt Hasselbeck because he has a quality offense (I know it was the Rams last week but the Seahawks looked decent) and I personally don't think Hasselbeck is a quality fantasy player, so he's a guy I'd like to get out there early, I don't trust him late in the season and its not like San Fran has a fantastic defense. Kerry Collins is a guy who makes sense this week. He put up 244 yards against Pittsburgh while Mark Sanchez last week lit up Houston.

Fantasy Man's Tricky QB Recommendations: Kerry Collins, Matt Hasselbeck, Brett Farve

At Wide Receiver, same thing, you have some young players waiting in the wings like a Hakeem Nicks, Darrius Hayward-Bey in Oakland, Percy Harvin in Minnesota, etc., but these are players you just can't trust right now but maybe we could use later. So like with QB's, you might as well use players you know should perform now but could fade down the stretch while using favorable matchups. Santana Moss is a guy that jumps off the page simple because he is coming off a down week, Jason Campbell has no one to throw too other than Chris Cooley and the Redskins are playing the Rams. I just don't trust Santana down the stretch. Percy Harvin or Bernard Berrian make sense being that I expect Brett Farve to throw for 200+ yards and a TD against the Lions and those are his two top WR's. All you need is 60 yards and a touch. If I had to pick between the two, I'd might go Berrian in hopes that he is a bigger part of the offense this week. It's a super risky pick, but wouldn't you hate to be the guy who picked Andre Johnson last week? The Lions were tough against the Vikings last year, so I'm not expecting a blow out. I'm just throwing out options, but, if you ask me to pick one...
Fantasy Man's Tricky WR Recommendations: Santana Moss

Now, back to Running Backs. Players to use early who may fade down the stretch who are more valuable to you now:

Larry Johnson - Has a history of tearing up Oakland and coming off a down week.
Darren Sproles - LT out this week but they play Baltimore. That's too risky!
Cedric Benson - Does anyone see him being consistent?
Jamal Lewis - He thinks he'll be solid, so he's more useful early. I don't trust him late.
Julius Jones - See Cedric Benson! Use when they play weak defense.

Mike Bell - Pierre Thomas probably still out this week but Philly D is tough.
Thomas Jones - Leon Washington is going to steal more and more carries.
Cadillac Williams - Has to split with Derrick Ward who I think will be more valuable later.
LT - He's out this week.
Joseph Addai - Donald Brown waiting in wings.
Fred Jackson - He's getting all the carries this week and next.

Running Backs who may be more valuable down the stretch:
Darren McFadden - He is the AP of 2009 according to everyone! He'll phase out Bush and Fargas eventually.

Derrick Ward - Bucs paid too much money to have him split carries. Cadillac is a fluke.
Donald Brown - Once Addai gets hurt, Brown gets all the carries.
Leon Washington - Thomas Jones will get phased out at some point.

This is somewhat an easy week. Clinton Portis goes up against the Rams and Adrian Peterson against the Vikings. I'm saving Peterson and since Portis is a top RB, he is also a yardage guy so I might save him as well even though he's an injury risk making him a solid option this week against a weak defense. As for Larry Johnson, man is everyone down on him. He was terrible last week but the Chiefs played the Ravens who probably have the best run defense in the league next to Pittsburgh. That means I am staying away from Darren Sproles this week. LJ has also had success against the Raiders who had trouble stopping Sproles last week and LJ also will probably have Matt Cassel back which means less coverage for LJ. Fred Jackson is going on week 2 of his 3 week tirade of full carries and I don't see the Bucs being able to stop Jackson. If the Patriots couldn't do it, I don't see the Bucs stopping him. The one knock on Jackson is that he makes a great fantasy player this week but he also catches a lot of passes. It would suck in this game if he had 150 total yards and a TD and 100 of those yards were passing yards. Great for fantasy owners, bad for Fantasy World owners. The upside is that you can use up Jackson this week and not a superstar and be pretty confident he'll crack 60/1.
Fantasy Man's Tricky RB Recommendations: Larry Johnson, Clinton Portis and Fred Jackson

At Tight End, there's not much debate on what to do. In this situation, it might actually be best to get the mid-level guys out of the way early because there are usually a few TE's who emerge late in the season like a Greg Olsen or an Owen Daniels or a Kevin Boss a la 2008-2009. Now, these are the mid-level guys but they should get you close to 50 yards OR a TD. You don't need both here. I love a guy like Zach Miller against a somewhat weak Chiefs defense. Chris Cooley against the Rams makes sense as does Visanthe Shiancoe against the Lions.
Fantasy Man's Tricky TE Recommendations: Zach Miller or Chris Cooley

Picking an Offense to get 24 points or more or a Defense to score 19 points or less is tricky. Best way to do it is to play matchups and use the weaker teams with decent offenses who play even weaker teams with worse defenses. Perfect example last week was Seattle vs. St. Louis. The Seahawks won 28-0. This week, I really like the Washington/St. Louis game. I like Washington here not only in this game, but in any regular survivor pool as well. The Redskins defense is super solid while they have upside on offense. You can go Redskins/Redskins for offense/defense and this way you only eliminate one team. In the future you can do this with whoever plays the Lions and the Rams going forward when good match ups exist. I don't want to be the guy who picks a team that loses to the Rams, and I don't see that happening this week.
Fantasy Man's Tricky Offense Recommendations: Washington Redskins, Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons
Fantasy Man's Tricky Defense Recommendations: Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings

The "Common Sense" Strategies:
1. The Rams and the Lions are the worst teams in the league on defense, so taking advantage of that each week is a solid strategy until we can see how the rest of the league shapes up. So since you are choosing mostly offensive players each week, looking at the match ups are most favorable.
2. Don't bust out all the superstars too early, you have to play match ups. If someone lucky player wins the million dollars, they will have gotten lucky with a few picks at different points in the season.
3. Read team reports and news updates. Make sure the players you are choosing are healthy and definitely playing.
4. Keep in mind that we are only playing 15 weeks here. So you only need to realistically choose the top 15 players in each category. Give or take a few players here or there and you don't really need to go beyond the top 20 or 25 to find a good pick each week. Don't over think your picks.
5. Remember that good solid players will emerge later in the season as injuries and bad performances play out, so don't be afraid to use the star players in the middle weeks.

I'm guessing that's enough information for one week for you guys to digest. Most importantly, I am here to help see this game become successful, so feel free to shoot me any questions. Also, please make sure you join my "Fight Club" (Team Fantasy Man)!!! Play in a league against The Fantasy Man!

Good Luck and let's win that Million!...... or a day with Kim Kardashian!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Who Loves Kim Kardashian??!!

Can you say Kim Kardashian??!!! How about Bow Wow, The Game, or Gilbert Arenas?? How about $10,000??!!! Have you ever played a fantasy games with those stars as prizes?

I already know what you guys are going to say..... "Mikey, what fantasy game are you trying to sell us this time?" C'mon guys, its not that bad! Have I ever touted a bad fantasy game? I think not. Besides, if I'm into a new fantasy game, then it must be good! brings you a new type of fantasy game, Fantasy World Survivor Football 2009. No, it's not your typical survivor pool where you pick a winning team each week and move on until you lose. Nope, it's more fun than that but just as easy! When you sign up, be sure to join the "Team Fantasy Man" Fight Club league.

Actually, at, you pick a roster of fantasy football players, one per position, and if they meet the scoring standards each week, you keep that position slot all the way. If you make it to the end with ALL your positions perfectly still intact, you win $1,000,000!!!! Simple as that! On top of that, you get three "flags". If in a week you lose a position, you can use one of your flags to get it back to stay in the mix for all the other prizes!!!

Looking below, who can't predict when a QB will throw for 200 yards and a TD?? Sounds pretty easy to me, but we'll see! Can you do it?? Here is how the scoring by position breaks down...

In order to survive your players must meet the following thresholds:
QBs: At least 200 passing yds AND 1 Touchdown
RBs: At least 70 rush/rec yds AND 1 Touchdown
WRs: At least 60 rush/rec yds AND 1 Touchdown
TEs: At least 50 rush/rec yds OR 1 Touchdown
Offense: At least 24 points scored
Defense: 19 or fewer points allowedIf a player fails to meet this threshold the team loses that roster slot for the remainder of the season, that's where the Challenge Flags come in. Note: Points scored and allowed by a team count regardless of which unit is responsible (e.g. If the Colts defense scores 6 points on an interception return, those points count for the Colts offense). You cannot use a flag though to win the million, but you could use the flags for all other prizes. To win the million, you muct be perfect each week!

For tips on how to play or a video about the game,
click here.

Now, of course, what would a great new fantasy game be without a bunch of prizes?
How about a shopping spree and a day with Kim Kardashian?!!
How about a day and a basketball game with Gilbert Arenas or Bow Wow or The Game?
How about a big screen TV, a PS3, or a Nintendo Wii?

There's great prizes, many chances to win and you don't have to spend every waking moment looking at your team. It takes 2 minutes to set your lineup each week and that's it! Its only $25 to get your team. Make sure when you sign up you click on "Fight Club" and join the "Team Fantasy Man" Fight Club to be in my league!

Hope to see you guys there! Good luck!