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Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 Running Back RB Rankings

Adrian Peterson, MIN - What can I say, he's best all around. Break out speed and skills, big play potential, 1760 yards on 363 carries and 10 TD's last season. There's a good chance he'll break the 300+ carry mark again which makes him the clear cut #1 and a great chance he nails down more than 10TD!

Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC
- He's small in height but dude has burst! Analysts feel this will be his best year yet since the Jags released Fred Taylor. Greg Jones will be in the mix for some goalline carries but this will be a huge year for Jones-Drew who also had 565 receiving yards! He's only 24, the unquestioned starter, and a fantastic receiver and that's why he's #2 on this list!

Michael Turner, ATL - He's for real, top notch offense, should continue where he left off last year. Everyone is dubbing him as the "safe" pick. He's durable and although he had a couple of forgettable games in 2008, overall he was stellar. Expect close to the same type of production in 2009. I Rank Jones-Drew over Turner because of the extra receptions and receiving yards you get from MJD.

Stephen Jackson, STL - This is the last year I rank Jackson this high! If he doesn't perform, thats it! Monster size and if he stays healthy, should be his best year yet! Of his last 5 games in 2008, Jackson had 90+ yards in 4 of them scoring 3 TD. He's also a great receiver. This is the year he becomes an elite as he'll get a heavy workload and a ton of receptions.

Matt Forte, CHI - Great receiver in which he led the Bears with 63 receptions. I don't think Kevin Jones will be much of a factor so I'm looking for a nice follow up season with the addition of Jay Cutler. Most will tell you that Forte could lose touches with a QB like Cutler but being such a great receiver, I think you can expect the opposite.

Frank Gore, SF - If he can stay healthy, Gore has the potential to be a beast if used correctly. He's the focal point of the offense but if the 49ers can spread the ball around enough, Gore could have another productive season. He only missed 2 games last year but he averaged 4.3 yards per carry which is enticing. He's got good hands and speed, you can't let him go much further than this.

Brian Westbrook, PHI
- Every week I play him, he kills me! Ranks #1 in my opinion for receiving yards and PPR leagues! Had knee surgery in off season and ankle surgery in June to remove bone spurs. He may miss the beginning of camp and he's good to miss a few games during the year but when he plays, he's gold. he's the Chipper Jones of fantasy football! You might want to handcuff Westbrook with LeSean McCoy.

Clinton Portis, WAS - Still plenty left in the tank, only 27 years old so this could be his best season yet! Assuming he stays healthy he's pretty reliable week to week, a work horse, with a good offensive line. He's been in the league 7 years so most people are looking for the next Adrian Peterson. Grab Portis in the mid to late first round and you'll be happy this season.

Brandon Jacobs, NYG - Monster size, biggest RB out there, overall carries should increase with Derrick Ward out of the picture. This dude is 6'4" and can bulldoze 5 defensive linemen at once. He won't make many receptions but his TD total should increase a bit and his offensive line is intact! He's also only 27.

Chris Johnson, TEN - Even with LenDale White getting goaline carries, Johnson will be a a top-notch player this season with stupid break out speed and vision. Johnson had 10 TD's in 2008 while splitting time with White. Expect Johnson to exceed last years numbers.

LaDanian Tomlinson, SD - He's on the decline but still better than most of this list. This is a make or break season for LT. He has to prove if he's done or not, and he's only 30. LT did however suffer toe and groin injuries last season, so I can't go too crazy that he might be in a decline. Many will say he's finished but if you get 1500 yards and 13TD, I'll take that at the end of the 1st round! Bad news is he's on the decline. Good news is he can still bust out a quality season in which you can get him late 1st round to early second round. You'll have to handcuff with Darren Sproles.

DeAngelo Williams, CAR - He's a guy who can bust out a 90 yard TD run in the 1st quarter and then do nothing the rest of the game. What I like about Williams is that he's playing for a contract this year and with Jonathon Stewart waiting in the wings and splitting time, Williams can follow up last years break out with something better. He's slightly risky this early but the pay off could be huge!

Joseph Addai, IND - I'd love to rank him higher but he's always hurt! What else can I say? Great speed and skills but this guy can't stay on the field. Addai is however somewhat of a sleeper here in the second round. I say that because he was a top 5 pick last season and he's only been in the league 3 years.

Marion Barber, DAL - He's a bruising back, does his best work in the 4th quarter but was somewhat disappointing last season knocks him down a bit. Here is another guy who was top 10 last season who could out produce his draft position.

Marshawn Lynch, BUF - 3rd full year means stats could get a nice boost as Buffalo offense is getting better and the field opens up with the addition of Terrell Owens. This will be Lynch's best year but he'll probably have to share the TD's with TO.

Larry Johnson, KC - How the mighty have fallen, he's not old, he's still powerful, and now has an offense around him. I like Johnson to have a sneaky bounce back year. Everyone is down on this guy. Yes, he's 30 and has done poop the last few years, but he's oozing with a "come out of nowhere" type of season. I mean, he's only been playing in the NFL for 6 seasons, its not like he's totally banged up. I just have a hunch about LJ and he makes a great pick if he falls into the 3rd round!

Steve Slaton, HOU - 2nd year, will probably crack top 10 by seasons end, lots of receiving yards and you can certainly bump him up a few spots in PPR leagues. Ran for 1200+ yards last season and started as the 3rd RB on the depth chart. Now he's the primary RB and shouls have a nice follow up season.

Ronnie Brown, MIA - Brown has 1st round potential if he stays healthy. Simple as that. Scored 5 TD's in that game last year and then after that he didn't do much. Age 27 and only in the league 4 years so there is still time to break out finally.

Ryan Grant, GB - Super slow 1st half last season but picked it up in the 2nd half, his stock could rise quickly. Makes for a nice pick as a second pack at the end of the 2nd round.

Reggie Bush, NO - He's all over the field and his fantasy stats are all over the place too, maybe this year we get some kind of consistency. I just can't rank him higher until we see if he can show any kind of consistency. Bump up a few spots for PPR leagues.

Darren McFadden, OAK - 2nd year and with some consistency really has the potential to break out. He's got Adrian Peterson break out potential and is my favorite sleeper heading into 2009/10.

Knowshon Moreno, DEN - WIll probably be behind Corell Buckhalter on the depth chart but since Bucky is always hurt, you'll probably get a nice 2nd half from Moreno. He's a huge risk but a nice stashee at draft time. Probably won't be a Forte/Slaton but should be better than a McFadden of 2008. Can't be much of a super sleeepr if everyone is picking him in the late second round....

Kevin Smith, DET - Scored 8 TD's on 976 yards last season. Now has a real QB (a rookie who should hand off a lot in the beginning) and the offense overall is looking better. Smith makes for a nice RB who should out perform his draft position!

Pierre Thomas, NO - Double coverage on Bush helps open up running game for Thomas. He could sneak up and get you a consistent 80+ yard sa game and a 7-10 TD with a good season. All depends on Bush!

Thomas Jones, NYJ - He's a full-time RB who I simple have no interest in. He's 30 with 9 years in so I can't imagine much of a better year than last year. Maybe more carries with the rookie under the snap but I can still remember the poop of a year Jones had before Farve landed on teh Jets. Yes, I am a Giants fan and live in NY so I get a double dose of Thomas Jones every Monday on sports radio!

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